9th September 2023

This new range, marketed under the name ‘Protego’, consisting of 8 distinct lines under one main product group, is the result of a customer-centric approach, with a focus on addressing the needs and preferences of wholesalers and installers alike.

As a company that values its customers’ feedback, Niglon actively sought insights from existing board users, installers, and wholesalers to understand their requirements better. Armed with this valuable information, Niglon’s product team set out to create a Consumer Unit Range that not only meets industry standards but also offers a host of features aimed at enhancing user experience and convenience.

“We believe in listening to our customers and continuously improving our offerings based on their feedback,” said Oliver Hinley, the Operations Director at Niglon. “The development of the new Consumer Unit Range is a testament to our commitment to providing the best solutions for our valued wholesalers and installers. We are dedicated to offering more options, improved safety features, and ease of installation to meet the evolving demands of the electrical industry.”

Key Features of the New Niglon Consumer Unit Range:

Non-Combustible Enclosures: Safety remains the top priority for Niglon. The new consumer units feature non-combustible enclosures to minimize fire risks, providing peace of mind for both users and installers. All boards are BS7671 (18th Edition) compliant, and third party tested to BS EN61439-3 SEMKO Certification.

Knockouts: The consumer unit range incorporates precision knockouts for effortless wiring, saving valuable time during installation. This feature ensures that wholesalers and installers can work efficiently, meeting tight project deadlines without compromising on quality.

Busbar Sheild: The Protego range comes with busbar covers as standard, adding an extra layer of safety during maintenance or inspections. This feature safeguards against accidental contact, reducing the risk of electrical shocks.

Cover Fixing: The retained cover fixing screws have a short turn thread which means the cover is fixed quickly and securely.

Edging Strip: Superior quality edging strip is supplied with all boards for covering rear knockout edges to protect internal wiring from sharp edges.

Label Set Design: A clear and concise label set has been designed to accommodate any installation configuration for easy circuit identification.

Body Design: The consumer unit is constructed from 1.2mm thick steel and its rounded edges and radiused corners make it extremely robust yet easy to handle for installation.

Spirit Level Indicator: The larger boards have an integrated level indicator to help with the orientation of the board when fixing in position.

Twin Terminal Mains Switch: All Mains Switch Isolators have incoming Twin Terminals to give extra assurance the supply cable is securely fixed. These have been fully third-party type tested to BS EN 60947-3 certified by SEMKO.

Integration with Existing Niglon Products:

Understanding the importance of compatibility, Niglon designed the new Consumer Unit Range to seamlessly integrate with their existing modules. This compatibility provides wholesalers and installers with the flexibility to expand their electrical systems without any hassle.

Innovative Solutions for a Safer Future:

The Protego range is a testament to Niglon’s commitment to safety and innovation. By incorporating essential design features after listening to customer feedback, Niglon aims to set new industry benchmarks for electrical safety and efficiency.

Get More Details about the Complete Protego Range:

Niglon’s team of experts is readily available to answer any queries and assist with product selection to meet specific needs and requirements.